KABK students collaborate with Masterly The Hague

10 September 2019

From 19-22 September 2019, the exhibition Masterly will take place in the centre of The Hague, a few blocks away from the KABK. Masterly displays the work of Dutch designers and artists in three historical buildings located opposite the Hofvijver. Nicole Uniquole is the curator and initiator of this exhibition, Maarten Spruijt is responsible for the exhibition design.

Among the works displayed are, design interpretations of historical costumes by KABK Textile & Fashion students and a work by School voor Jong Talent student Loek Hazelbag - who also participated in the Lang Leve Rembrandt exhibition in the Rijksmuseum.

Design interpretation assignment

Iulia Hmarnaia
Iulia Hmarnaia

KABK students were assigned to research and develop a number of design interpretations, driven by their curiosity and fascination for the Dutch Royal Oranje Nassau family. The students immersed themselves in the Oranje Nassau’s family life and historic costumes as depicted on the paintings of the Hoogsteder Museum Foundation. They managed to capture the spirit of the history and periods that marked the atmosphere and wear and tear of the costumes. After researching aspects such as proportion and the experiment on materials and techniques, they created a new context and demonstrated their inventive and surprising views on the historical costumes.

The assignment helped students to bring historical research and material experiments into their own 21st century fashion collections, providing fresh visual experiments and inspiration for their further studies.

Participating students
Annli Basedahl, Sina Dyks, Iulia Hmarnaia, Petra Huisman, Pien Klein Douwel, Jiahao Li, Simone Marin, Marlien Peeters, Stef Reijnierse, Daisy Silva, Erica Sun, Max Willebrand Westin, Anwen Xu

Roy Verschuren, Pattern design
Gerrit Uittenbogaard, Fashion design

Vanitas assignment

Loek Hazelbag
Loek Hazelbag

Loek's artwork was inspired by Rembrandt and was also selected to be shown in the Lang Leve Rembrandt exhibition at the Rijksmuseum.

Loek produced his photo during an assignment at the SvJT art class, where students were asked to create a vanitas still life with visible aspects of movement. For the colours and lighting, he was inspired by 17th-century painters such as Rembrandt.

Masterly The Hague press preview: 18 September
Exhibition: 19-22 September

more information: www.masterlythehague.com