Fault Lines symposium 2018: Video recordings

2 October 2019

Video recordings of the presentations made during the KABK Annual Research Symposium 2018: Fault Lines held on 14 December 2018 at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Each year KABK makes provision for a selected group of participants to work on a self-defined research project in the context of a Research Group. The nature of these projects varies but all the projects emphasise practice-led research that uses design either as its subject matter or means for investigation. After a full year of research, the results are presented at the KABK Annual Research Symposium.

KABK Annual Research Symposium 2018: Fault Lines

The 2018 KABK Research Symposium, which took place on 14 December 2018, explored the interstitial positioning and generative potential of design research as the borders of disciplines shift, while presenting an array of research projects that map and interpret the traces of design’s complicity in climate change.
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Videos of the presentations are available below:

Introduction: Alice Twemlow

Prototyping possible futures

Key Note Anab Jain - Other Worlds Are Possible

Key Note Anja Groten - Problematising the ‘Workshop’

Eric Kluitenberg - reDesigning Affect Space

Moderated discussion with Alice Twemlow #1

Troubling design histories

Key Note Marjanne van Helvert - Design as a Manifesto

Rosa te Velde - Making Design Weird Again

Key Note Lauren Alexander - Archival Time Travel

Charting dataspaces

Key Note Richard Rogers - Russian-style Influence Campaigning: Genres, Spread, Strategy, Detection

Donald Weber - Geographies of Power

Niels Schrader - Digital Pollution

Moderated discussion with Alice Twemlow #2

Mining the planetary archive

Key Note Susan Schuppli - Planetary Media

Key Note Füsun Türetken - On the Most Powerful Catalyst on The Planet

Rachel Bacon - Explore, Sample, Dig, Deplete and Repeat: Undermining Value

Moderated discussion with Alice Twemlow #3

Closing remarks: Alice Twemlow and Miriam Bestebreurtje