Studium Generale: Bioremediation: Regenerative Remedies for Toxic Realities - CANCELLED

Please note: this session has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled in the Spring Cycle.

How can we engage the power of living systems to heal toxic and damaged soils and support ecological recovery and resilience? We will explore collaborations with the many bacteria, fungi, and plants that are some of the Earth's finest and oldest disaster responders, alchemists, and healers.

Through the use of plants (phytoremediation), bacteria (microbial remediation) and fungi (mycoremediation), heavy metals and chemicals in contaminated soils and water may be immobilized, extracted or broken down.This conversation will provide an introduction to different bioremediation tools for detoxifying and revitalizing the gardens, lands and waters that nourish and sustain us, highlighting community projects and inspiring practitioners who are working with regenerative remedies to transform toxic realities.

Leila Darwish (she/her) is a community organizer, author, educator, permaculture designer, and disaster worker with a deep commitment to providing accessible and transformative tools for communities dealing with the toxic contamination of their soil and water. Her work is rooted in environmental and social justice, inspired by the power of community action, reciprocity, resilience, and regenerative earth repair. Leila is the author of, “Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes” (New Society Publishers, 2013. Audio book, 2021). For over a decade, she has taught bioremediation courses in communities across North America. Leila currently works in the field of emergency management and disaster recovery, supporting communities impacted by disasters and on the frontlines of climate change.

Food intervention

Every session of Earth Craft will be accompanied by a food intervention that comments upon the knowledges offered

Lena and Ale are an artist duo investigating food making and sharing as ways of healing and coming together. They explore the notions of curiosity and balance through ancient and new processes of fermentation and conservation and their research is initially inspired by mystic Hildegaard von Bingen’s writings, which offer a nuanced approach at understanding and utilizing common ingredients for the wellness of the body and the mind.

To accompany the EarthCraft series they will build tubular edible moments using local and affordable ingredients. Considering time and natural bacteria as partners as well as ingredients in the mechanism for the transformation of violence and toxicity into something that can nurture us.



Fri 9 December 2022 18.30 - 20:30


KABK Galleries 1, 2, 3