Preview expo Fine Arts: N0kia's tag line

56 students of the full-time Bachelor Fine Arts programme (Painting-Printmaking, Sculpture, Autonoom) and the part-time programme, come together in a preview exhibition, titled N0kia's Tag Line, before their final graduation in the summer of 2018. The exhibition opens on Friday 8 December at 18:00 at the fantastic location of MOOOF Den Haag.

Curator: Samiha Awad 
Godmother: Heske ten Cate

N0kia's Tag Line

Students say about their exhibition: 'This exhibition stands for connectivity – between us as students, and further between visitors and the work. We aim to create a bigger network of exchange. It is easy to forget about one another, even when you live/work close to each other. An important interaction could be lost. We believe in the importance of contact in a society, no matter of the scale (a country, a city or an academy). In this exhibition the art-lover, the baker, the critic, the foreigner, they are all welcome. Art within culture could make the connection between diverse groups. It's a major part of an artistic practice to create those connections - between concept and material, between an individual and a group, between human and human.'

Nokia's Tag Line from Royal Academy of Art, The Hague on Vimeo.

Side Program

The side program runs along the exhibition, extending the works with a conversation-show. In every show, students will be invited as guests speakers, who, in their own way will give the audience an insight into the work, the artist's practice and future perspectives. For the side program, students use one of the most successful and accessible television formats, the talk show, with a tiny bit of humour with the ultimate goal to make contact with the visitors in a playful way. 


A comprehensive publication, containing visual and textual material about all the artists with an additional contribution by the curators, Samiha Awad and Heske ten Cate, and Fine Arts coordinator Martijn Verhoeven, will be sold at the event. The money raised will be used to produce a catalogue of the show. Your support is crucial! These two publications will later come together as a pair, fitting and completing each other, visually and content-wise!

Opening times

Friday 8 December: Opening Event 18.00 – 23.00
Saturday 9 December: Side program TBA / Open : 12.00 – 20.00 
Sunday 10 December: Finissage – details TBA / Open : 12.00 – 20.00

Participating Fine Arts students

Sam Andrea, Jihyun Baek, Cedric ter Bals, Quentley Barbara, Siem Beets, Laila van Berge, MarieJosé Blacquière, Heleen Boeken, Elza de Bruin, Sara Ceruti, Ioana Ciora, Melissa Couzijn, Jette Dalsgaard, Chloë van Diepen, Leo Dillerop, Berk Duygun, Lucas van Eeden, Janne Secher Frausing, Gabriela Galeano Batres, Grazia Gallo, Mieke Gorgels, Renée van Hagen, Marina Heuvelman, Hanna Ijäs, Tina Jeranko, Emma Johansson, Natalia Jordanova, Oscar Juul-Sørensen, Lynn Kalkdijk, Naeun Kang, Angie Korst, Heleen Kruijt, Luuk Kuipers, Shani Leseman, Brigitte Louter, Foteini Makri, Florence Marceau – Lafleur, Yukari Nakamichi, Trijntje Noske, Julia Olaussen, Gideon Oosten, Valters Palaps, Janne Schipper, Leonie Schneider, Constantijn Scholten, Sophie Schulte, Nikki Selser, Huilin Shi, Daphne Standaar, Jan Steenman, Dafni Trikatsoula, Saulė Vaivilavičiūtė, Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev, Rory van Wingerden, Levina de Wolf and Alexandra Zalivako

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Fri 8 December 2017 19.00 - Sun 10 December 2017 21.00


MOOOF Den Haag, Binckhorstlaan 135-D1, 2516BA The Hague

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