Mixed media opera ‘A Paradise built in Hell’ - Spring Festival The Hague

Under the guidance of Gert Dumbar en Studio Van ’t Hullenaar & Vis, students of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) and the Royal Conservatoire have collaborated in a unique project reinventing the idea of the opera. The mixed media opera project entitled A Paradise Built in Hell will be performed live by the internationally renowned Ensemble Klang at the Korzo Theater on the 2nd of April, during the Spring Festival The Hague.

A Paradise Built in Hell challenges the traditional concept of the dramatic opera format as we know it today. It opens up the opportunity for students to experiments with alternative narrative structures, unconventional produced music (and musicians) and suggests a scenography that mimics ‘the real’ while it no longer differs from your couch-perspective; a videogame. It plays with interactive transmissions and invites you to a (virtual)-reality-walk through... Paradise? Hell?

The project has been initiated by the Graphic Design department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) in the context of the KABK IST Research Lab SOUNDSCAPE 2018/2019.

Participating students:

Royal Academy of Art: Maarten Keus, Miriam Asghdom, Marlot Meyer, Ines Delgado Rusli, Ruta Balzekaite, Pamela Varela, Kelsey Corby, Mila Baumann, Ilya Doreanu and Vladimir Vidanovski
Royal Conservatoire: Mari Mako, Cindy Giron, Juan Luis Montoro Santos and German Medina Calle

Ensemble Klang: Pete Harden, Anton van houten, Erik-Jan de With, Michiel van Dijk, Joey Marijs, Saskia Lankhoorn
Directed by: Koen van Etten
Guidance: Gert Dumbar en Studio Van ’t Hullenaar & Vis

Supported by the Municipality of The Hague



Tue 2 April 2019 19.30 - 20:30


Korzo Theater

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Free (but you need to reserve a seat)