KABK and WdKA Fine Arts students present Genderosity at TENT

On Friday 27 October 2017 from 17.00 till 19.00 hrs the opening of Genderosity takes place in the gym of TENT. The presentation shows the results of a collaboration between KABK and WdKA students, taking the theme of Among other things, I’ve taken up smoking as a starting point for their work. Following the opening starting at 19.00, Rory Pilgrim will perform.

Admission is free

Among other things, I’ve taken up smoking is a group exhibition, in which artists convey their perspectives on gender and sexuality. Recently, there has been a proliferation of categories for defining one’s sexual and gender identity. For example, in addition to the standard ‘male’ or ‘female,’ Facebook currently offers its users 71 gender identification options. Does this range of labels contribute to the freedom of expressing one’s identity? And does everyone want to identify themselves with a label anyway? This group exhibition engages with the LGBTQ+ community’s continuing requisite for security and recognition in society and celebrates the optimistic and quirky imagination of this group for a world yet to unfold.

Full-time Fine Arts students from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) and the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) in Rotterdam have been working together in The Genderosity project, where they create new work in response to the exhibition theme Among other things, I’ve taken up smoking currently on view at TENT Rotterdam. On Friday 27 October, the works selected by an expert jury will be presented at TENT.

The names of the exhibiting and performing KABK and WdKA students are:

Celia Descours, Daniele Formica, Silvana Gordon Valenzuela, Chantell Hassan, Yulong Jin, Anastasia Kiseleva, Karin Kytökangas, Melina Matzanke, Seth Randall-Goddard, Nohely Simon, Nadja Nevina Temper, .Tiff, Lili Ullrich.

Performances 27 October:
17.00 – 19.00:

The Kitchen Federation by Chantell Hassan, Anastasia Kiseleva, Lili Ullrich

Willing to wait for nothing by Melina Matzanke, Seth Randall-Goddard, Nadja Nevina Temper.

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Fri 27 October 2017 19.00 - Sun 29 October 2017 19.00


TENT, Rotterdam

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Opening 27 okt 17.00-19.00

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De opening is gratis toegankelijk