Feedback #1 - Marshall McLuhan and the Arts

West Den Haag organises the 2-day international symposium 'Feedback #1 - Marshall McLuhan and the Arts’, in collaboration with the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice, in the Auditorium of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) The Hague.

'Feedback #1 - Marshall McLuhan and the Arts' is a recursive project with a focus on the radical, experimental publications of scientist and media guru Marshall McLuhan. In 1962, he predicted the 'Global Village' and in 1964 he published The medium is the message. McLuhan became one of the most famous public intellectuals of the 1960s and an icon of pop culture. 'Feedback #1' brings artists, designers, scholars and thinkers together to probe, encounter and contest the light-speed electronic information environments we inhabit today.

With presentations by: Dr. Jasper Bernes, Josephine Bosma, Dr. Richard Cavell, Dr. Florian Cramer, Dr. phil. Baruch Gottlieb (moderator), Dr. Garnet Hertz, Dmytri Kleiner, Ganaële Langlois, Dr. Geert Lovink, Willem van Weelden and others.

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2-Day International Symposium 'Feedback #1 - Marshall McLuhan and the Arts' (English spoken)

28+29 September 2017
11.00-18.00, Auditorium KABK

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Feedback #1 - Marshall McLuhan and the Arts
opening 22.09.2017, 20:00h
West in Huis Huguetan
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