Ludmila Rodrigues

ArtScience - Voortrajecten Kunstplan

Ludmila Rodrigues investigates the entanglement of social interaction, cognition, affect, trust and sensory experience. She works as an artist, scenographer, workshop leader and sometimes performer, bridging dance, ritual and architecture.

Rodrigues is interested in enhancing human communication, exploring ways of learning through the body. Through choreographic objects and performative spaces, her works function as open platforms for relation, inviting for audience collaboration.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 1979), she is based in The Hague since 2009. She holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, 2007), a bachelor by the ArtScience Interfaculty (KABK, 2013) and a master degree by the Art Senses Lab (PXL-MAD, 2018). Rodrigues has shown works at Cinekid - Amsterdam, GoteborgsOperan - Gothenburg, Space Media Festival - Taipei, FILE - São Paulo and TodaysArt Festival - The Hague.

Rodrigues teaches ArtScience at Voortrajecten Kunstplan since 2019 and has been a guest lecturer at different departments at KABK. She has a studio at Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, where she also organises exhibitions, artists' meetings and workshops. Continuing to develop a corporeal repertoire, currently she practices kung fu and tai chi.

Affiliated with the studies