KABK Graphic Design initiative UNMUTED in Het HEM

18 June 2021

UNMUTED shows the work of graphic designers of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK). UNMUTED takes place from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 June 2021 in the spacious factory hall of Het HEM in Zaandam.

After an endless period behind the screens, the students and teachers will 'come out' with their work. The Bachelor Graphic Design and the Master Non Linear Narrative departments of the KABK consist of self-confident, inquisitive designers who are aware of current affairs. They are familiar with both traditional and new media. These designers want to play a meaningful role in society and in the ever-expanding field of activity of the creative sector.

In the HEM, they show their groundbreaking, most current and urgent work as a reflection on today's dizzying world.

Art education in 2020-2021

At the beginning of March 2020, all art academies are facing the trials and tribulations of online teaching up to and including digital final exams. UNMUTED responds to the desire of creators to show their work to the world. The creators now step out of the digital screensavers, show their work and talk about it in a radio show in Het HEM. UNMUTED does not make a selection among students or teachers, but the exhibition offers space to all members of this international and diverse community.


UNMUTED is an initiative of the department of Bachelor Graphic Design of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) and gives full space to the work of the students and teachers in Het HEM. Located in peripheral Zaandam, at a distance from the metropolitan art centres of the Netherlands, UNMUTED is a salutary refuge after a long period of online life.

Participating designers (i.e)

Abel van As, Agnar Freyr Stefánssonn, Alexandra Superson, Alice Vink, Aliona Ciobanu, Amber de Ronde, Amber Meekel, Balázs Milánik, Bart de Baets, Camila Chebez, Camilla Kövecses, Charlotte van Alfen, Dans Jirgensons, Dawun Chung, Emir Karyo + Jan Wojda, Jan Robert Leegte, Hilal Mutluel, Hyeonjeong, Jack Oomes, Jacky, Jannie Guo, Jenny Konrad, Julia Olijkan, Katrin Korfmann, Katerina Pravdova, Kelly Martijn, Lara Dautun + Basia Strzeżek + Samuel Salminen, Loïs van Spijk, Louis Braddock Clarke + Roosje Klap + Zuzanna Zgierska, Lucas M Franco, Lulu van Dijck, Luna van Schadewijk, María Rivero Gonzalez, Martin Lorenz + Lupi Asensio + Julien Arts, Matas Buckus, Michiel Schuurman, Niam Madlani, Niels Otterman, Our Polite Society, Petra Ereos, Renata Sidorenko, Ro Antia, Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen, Robin Wielink, Rocío Amapola, Richard Niessen, Simonida Savic, Sofia Nikolaeva, Sonya Umanskaia, Stefaniia Bodnia, Trang Quynh Le, Waleed Al-Ward, Yara Fransen, Yeeun Kim, Zeloot

(‘can you see my screen?’)

Date: Friday 25 – Sunday 27 June 2021
Venue: Het HEM, Warmperserij 1, 1505 RL, Zaandam
Open: Friday 19.00 - 23.00 | Saturday & Sunday 12.30 - 23.00
Entrance: free (reservation required)

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