University of the Arts signs UN Disability Convention for more inclusive education

24 October 2023

This month, the University of the Arts (KABK and the Royal Conservatoire) signed the declaration of intent on the UN Convention on Disability together with The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Hotelschool The Hague and mboRijnland. The four educational institutions will work on more inclusive education.

With more than a third of the students and many employees with a disability or need for support, it is a top priority. By signing the declaration of intent UN Handicap Convention, the educational institutions underline its importance. “Inclusion is one of the most important themes for our education. We want to offer every student an environment that is accessible, safe, challenging and inspiring. That is our major task," said Huug de Deugd, chairman of the Executive Board of the University of the Arts in The Hague.

Translation into inclusive educational practice

The UN Convention on Disability lays the foundation for inclusive educational practice. Lack of time, staff, high workload and fragmentation of knowledge make it difficult for educational institutions to optimally meet this need. In the UN Treaty working groups, the schools will work on, among other things, flexibility in the curriculum, promoting the expertise of employees, information provision, internationalization, digitalization and an inclusive transition from training to work. With these inclusion elements they bring the UN Convention to educational practice.