Chairman Marieke Schoenmakers will leave the University of the Arts The Hague in September

The Hague, March 23, 2021

Marieke Schoenmakers

Chairman and Director Marieke Schoenmakers has decided to leave the University of The Hague at the end of September 2021. Until that date, she will remain chair of the Executive Board, but will step down today as director of the Royal Academy of Art the Hague (KABK). She made this decision because she believes the KABK has entered a new phase with the publication of the results of the cultural investigation that Bezemer & Schubad has carried out at the KABK and which was published today.

The Board of Governors expects to appoint an interim director for the KABK in the short term. An important part of the assignment to the interim director will be to fully implement the recommendations of Bezemer & Schubad. Marieke Schoenmakers will remain available until the end of September of this year to ensure the proper transfer of her administrative tasks and to guide the University through the difficult corona period.

Marieke Schoenmakers: “After more than seven years of combined leadership of the University and KABK, I have decided in January to say goodbye to this great institute. That was a very difficult discussion. I have enjoyed the dedication, quality and originality of the students, teachers, and staff. They have ensured that The Hague harbors a high-quality institute that has earned global recognition. At the same time, further development will have to take place in the field of culture and behaviour change at the KABK, according to the investigation of Bezemer & Schubad. I fully endorse the recommendations and with the implementation of these, the KABK is entering a new phase. Logically, this suits new leadership, and that is why, in the interests of the KABK, I have taken the decision to make room and take responsibility.”

Harro Knijff, Chairman of the Board of Governors: “As the Board of Governors, we respect the decision that Marieke has made in January 2021. Today is the logical moment to announce her departure. In doing so she has put the interests of the academy first. Marieke has led the University and the KABK with a lot of energy and dedication. Since 2014, she has been responsible for strengthening the professionalism and quality of the organization. That was not easy, because a lot had to be changed at that time. She has done an excellent job. The KABK is now on the map nationally and internationally and attracts top talent from all over the world. New master programs have been successfully launched and the monumental building has been thoroughly renovated. I would therefore like to thank Marieke for her unwavering commitment and her qualities as Chair of the Board and director, and I fully value the way in which she has taken her responsibility related to the results of the culture investigation. As Board of Governors, we would like to wish Marieke all the best in her further career.”