20 artists and designers present their work under the title My Practice, My Politics.

Eline Benjaminsen, Kristina Benjocki, Lisa van Casand, Jean-Baptiste Castel, Yamuna Forzani, Bas Froon, Daniel Grumer, Uné Kavaliauskaité, Zsófia Kollár, Sarah Lauwaert, Klodiana Millona, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Katarina Petrović, Tereza Rullerova, Vera van de Seyp, Fahmy Shahin, Nienke Sikkema, Gitte Svendsen, Lieke Vernooy, Abel Wolff.

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"As a fashion designer, I want to help humanity prepare for the future and the conditions that global warming will bring. It is inevitable."
Sarah Lauwaert, alumna Bachelor Textile and Fashion
"Through mapping I come to understand how my conscious and subconscious realities are constructed".
Fahmy Shahin, alumnus Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design
“Making history tangible, visible and legible, monuments have the capacity to connect people across different cultures and time periods.”
Uné Kavaliauskaitė, alumna Bachelor Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
“I hope this project puts society's crave for technological advancement in perspective, reminding us that innovation doesn’t equal progress.”
Vera van de Seyp, alumna Bachelor Graphic Design
“To enable the possibility of reimagining alternative futures, it is essential to adopt subversive strategies towards the archive.”
Miguel Peres dos Santos, alumnus Master Artistic Research

Exhibition design

Students of the Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design Erik van Schaften, Maria Beaumaster, Tijs Struijk and Aliaksandra Pirazhenka have been working on the exhibition design and set-up, guided by designer and tutor Barend Koolhaas.

Graphic design 

Yacinth Pos (alumna Graphic Design, 2017)


Saskia van Stein and Agata Jaworska

Nienke van Wijk (external producer), Simcha van Helden, Lizzy Kok and Wais Wardak

Press & PR
Maria Dzodan

The exhibition concept is supervised by Roosje Klap and Niels Schrader co-heads of the bachelor Graphic Design and master Non-Linear Narrative.

This event was supported by the Municipality of The Hague, the Stichting tot Steun and STROOM The Hague.