Graduation Show 2022 reviews

3 August 2022

Thank you for visiting the Graduation Show 2022!
Over 7000 people attended the KABK Graduation Show this year! For five days – from July 1 to 5 – our academy building was filled with visitors enjoying the art of the class of 2022. More than 240 works by our now brand new KABK alumni were on display.

Reviews about the work of our graduates in the media


Schilderen met katoen uit de kringloopwinkel

Dirk Limburg, 3 August 2022


Graduation Show 2022, BA Photography

Calum Ross, 22 July 2022

Metropolis M

Graduation Shows 2022 ­– KABK

Lena van Tijen, 11 July 2022

Villa La Repubblica

Over leegte, lichtvoetigheid en toewijding.

Bertus Pieters, 5 July 2022

Jegens en Tevens

KABK Graduation Show 2022

Frits Dijcks, 4 July 2022

Lost Painters

Eindexamen Expositie; KABK Den Haag 2022

Niek Hendrix, 4 July 2022

Chmkoome's blog

Eindexamen KABK 2022

Kees Koomen, 3 July 2022

Den Haag Centraal

Kunstacademiestudenten onderzoeken connecties tussen mens en ruimte

Margreet Hofland, 30 June 2022


Meet the KABK Fashion Graduates
Poetically relating, rebelling, questioning and imagining

Images by Jaane, Words by Ella Paritsky and Pykel van Latum

Den Haag Centraal

Collages, oude tenten en posters van stof

Margreet Hofland, 16 June 2022

Graduation Catalogue

Graduation Catalogue

246 works by our – now – brand new alumni were on display throughout the academy building covering an area of more than 8.000m2 exhibition space. You can still browse through their works on the online Graduation Catalogue.

Graduation Catalogue 2022