Textile and Fashion alumni Das Leben am Haverkamp win Dutch Design Award 2017

Proud of our Textile and Fashion alumni - Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker and Gino Anthonisse - of the design collective Das Leben am Haverkamp, winners of the Dutch Design Award 2017 in the category Fashion. 

The international jury, comprising Bart Ahsmann (BEDA), Saskia van Stein (bureau Europa), Carolien Ligtenberg (Bureau Zwirt), Rosa Bertoli (Wallpaper), Deyan Sudjic (Design Museum London), Beatrice Leanza (Beijing Design Week), Joost Alferink (Product Designer, Design Consultancy), Roosje Klap (Graphic Designer) and Marco Coello (Design Week Mexico), selected the winners, who were announced on Saturday 28 October during Dutch Design Week.

Winner category FASHION:
Das Leben am Haverkamp:
Bravado: a pretentious, swaggering display of courage (F/W 2017)
Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker and Gino Anthonisse

Jury statement:
Das Leben Am Haverkamp puts artistic expression first and shows how thorough – and, specifically, unflinching – research can look: it sizzles with joy. This, paired with skilled tailoring, yields original, beautifully crafted apparel. The jury considers the combination of individual design and collective output to be radical and engaging. The collection of Das Leben am Haverkamp raises questions, poses questions, and challenges conventions. A strategy that playfully disrupts the Dutch context of fashion. Now, it’s up to the collective to take the next step and develop a signature style that straddles the surreal and the speculative.

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