Master Industrial Design collaborates with Waag | TextileLab Amsterdam

25 September 2018

Under the guidance of the TextileLab Amsterdam, ten Master Industrial Design (MID) students work on design projects that focus on the unethical and environmental unfriendly realities of the current textile and clothing industry.

Fabric and Fabrications: new products for the textile industry

During the semester long project Fabric and Fabrications, students will be fostering disruptive approaches, exploring new and existing materials, manufacturing techniques and researching alternative models for production and business. Therefore research will play an important role within the project and in particular, design research dealing with material culture: the connection of humans to material objects and the role these objects and their manufacturing play on a social, cultural, economic and ecological level.

Consequently, this design research is focused on deducting and construing meaning and is complementary to scientific research in which obtaining knowledge is the primary target. The results of the research are materialised in a design that deals with the well being of people and the planet.

Yassine Salihine and Lenneke Langenhuijsen guide the students together with Ista Boszhard and Cecilia Raspanti from the TextileLab Amsterdam.

During this project, TextileLab Amsterdam will provide the students with expertise, research methods and a valuable network. The project will be concluded with a presentation at Waag in Amsterdam on 7 March 2019. Stay tuned!

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Participating students

Elina Alekseeva, Alessandro Celli, Marion Dupuis, Teresa Feldmann, Elena Genesio, Sandipan Nath, Honor Newman, Lucija Novosel, Isabella Monaco, Kevin Shek.