Interactive/Media/Design project in collaboration with Waag Society

17 November 2017

Data Funeral is a result from the I/M/D Burst Week (October 2017) with the theme "End of Life in the Digital Age". In one intense week students from the Interactive/Media/Design department worked together in small teams to come up with an interactive object, service or ritual that represents and maintains the presence and memory of a person(s). The week was organised in collaboration with Waag Society, Amsterdam.

Data Funeral

Data Funeral is a project by I/M/D-students Milda Vyšniauskaitė (4th year), Asami Kiuchi (4th year), Lukasz Gula (3rd year), Carmen Roca (2nd year), Yatharth Ipsum (2nd year exchange), Yegyeong Cha (1st year) and Ella Hebendanz (1st year).

About the project: "While creating this project, our team was interested in the heritage we leave after our death; physical one as well as cyber/digital one. After our physical death, a part of us is still alive on our social media pages, emails etc. Singularity used to be understood as body and soul, but nowadays there is a third element – the online personality we have. What happens with that? Who owns it? Does it ever disappear? Is it possible to be gone from internet completely? As a team we had a discussion about mortality and immortality and we all reached a conclusion that we all would like to have a limited life span and at some point fade away from this world. This is how we came up with an idea to create a data funeral; a rather symbolic funeral of the one could happen one day in the future."

I/M/D Burst Weeks 

I/M/D Burst Weeks create vertical learning opportunities between the four I/M/D years. Fourth year students can apply their skills and knowledge as team leaders. And all students can learn from each other. This way the I/M/D-students can benefit from the diversity of backgrounds and skills of their peers. The week ends with a final presentation and along the way we have lots of fun!