TWO POINT FIVE PERCENT: Theatrical performance by KABK students & Nieuwe Vide

An interdisciplinary group of Fine Arts and Interactive/Media/Design students have been working on a theatrical project in the context of an elective course within the Bachelor Fine Arts curriculum and in collaboration with Nieuwe Vide Artspace, to be presented on Sunday 1 December at Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem.

This theatrical performance investigates, brings to light and challenges existing power structures, which often lie underneath the surface of everyday life.


Two point five percent of your DNA you share with Neanderthal humans. What would happen if they as a species would be reintroduced into our contemporary world?

How would they be treated?

Humans have a tendency to divide the world into three categories: the Self, the Same and the Other, and to create hierarchies between these three categories. But what makes one ‘the Other’?

Participating students Fine Arts

Georgia Christou
Alexander Koch
Lotus Rooijakkers
Natsumi Sakai
Tugay Kader
Safae Gounane

Participating students I/M/D

Fenna de Jonge
Jara van Teeffelen

Directed by Michiel Westbeek



Sun 1 December 2019 16.00 - 17:00


Nieuwe Vide, Minckelersweg 6, 2031 EM Haarlem

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