13/04/2017 - Studium Generale Lecture "Good and Evil in Tibetan Buddhism" - Sjoerd de Vries

In every culture the positive and negative elements are very important: God versus the Devil, good versus bad, positive­ negative, day­ night... Also in Buddhism these opposite elements play an important role: how to behave in society, how to think and how to treat the negative forces.

Especially in Tibet, where a fascinating version of Mahayana­ Buddhism is practiced, combined with shamanistic and animistic elements, this continuing ‘battle’ between good and evil, takes a central role in the lives of the people. De Vries will elaborate on what kind of practises the Tibetans use to conquer evil and what the role of the powerful Buddhist monasteries are in these ever­lasting battles.

Sjoerd de Vries studied the Art­ history of Central Asia and Tibetology, at the Universities of Amsterdam and Leiden. Since 1971 he travelled extensively in the Himalayan area, in India (Ladakh), Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet. Since 1979 he is the owner of Astamangala Gallery in Amsterdam, specialising in the ancient art of Tibet, Nepal and India. The gallery is located in the center of Amsterdam at the Spiegelgracht. He has sold mulitply objects to major museums in the world, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Rubin Museum of Art (New York); the Rietberg Museum (Zürich), the British Museumand the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), the Tropical Museum (Amsterdam), the Wereldmuseum (Rotterdam) and many more, as well to private collectors.

Poster for the KABK Studium Generale lecture given by Sjoerd de Vries on 13 April 2017
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Thu 13 April 2017 16.00 - 17:30


KABK Auditorium