KABK alumni at Art Rotterdam 2020 and Rotterdam Art Week

Work by KABK alumni is once more, well represented in the various sections of the international art fair Art Rotterdam at the Van Nelle Fabriek and in the various fairs & exhibitions happening throughout Rotterdam during the art week in February 2020.

Below a few highlights of these presentations:

Art Rotterdam

Prospects & Concepts

The eight edition of the annual exhibition Prospects & Concepts by the Mondriaan Fund presents work by 66 visual artists, among whom, KABK alumni:

Lorena Van Bunningen, BA Photography 2014
Ciro Duclos, BA Fine Arts 2015
Annabel Kanaar, Master Artistic Research 2014
Marlies Lageweg, BA Photography 2013
Sem Langedijk, BA Photography 2015
Tobias Lengkeek, BA Fine Arts 2016
Vera Mennens, Master Artistic Research 2017
Leandros Ntolas, Master ArtScience 2018
Puck Schot, BA Fine Arts 2016
Suzie van Staaveren, BA Fine Arts 2016
Liandro Suriel, BA Photography 2013
Mickey Yang, BA Fine Arts 2015

KABK alumnus and tutor at the departments of Photography and Interactive/Media/Design Johan Gustavsson has been invited to curate this edition of Prospects & Concepts exhibition.

NN Art Award

The NN Art Award is an incentive prize for talented artists who have completed their education in the Netherlands and demonstrate authentic and innovative craftsmanship.The winner will receive the incentive prize of €10,000. NN Group will also purchase a work from one of the nominees for the NN corporate collection. Among the nominees KABK alumna Natalia Jordanova, alumna BA Fine Arts 2018 represented by Structura Gallery (Sofia, Bulgarije).

Performance show Art Rotterdam

Heden presents the performance-installation Streep #1 by artist and KABK ArtScience alumnus Kunrad at The Performance Show during Art Rotterdam. The Performance Show is a new initiative of Art Rotterdam, offering a varied and ongoing programme of performances and hosted at the industrial building housing AVL Mundo / Atelier Van Lieshout.

Galleries in the Main section

Rademakers Galerie presents work by Fine Arts alumnae Joana Schneider & Florentijn de Boer. Work by Bob Eikelboom and Marcel van Eeden is represented by Barbara Seiler and Jan Wattjes by Livingstone gallery.

Other locations in and around Rotterdam Art Week featuring work by KABK students & alumni:

New Radicals

with i.e. Fine Arts student Narges Mohammedani

Object Rotterdam

The design fair features work by i.e. alumni

Moe Kim, BA Textile & Fashion 2019
Zsofia Kollar, BA Interior Architecture 2017
Natasha Papika, BA Fine Arts 2019

The New Current – Spaanse Kubus Rotterdam

Kim Nuijen, tutor and BA Photography 2011
Sunna Svavarsdottir, BA ArtScience 2019

We have tried to include as much information as possible in this overview. In case you miss any presentations by KABK alumni during the Rotterdam Art Week please send us an e-mail so that we can make the necessary adjustments.



Wed 5 February 2020 18.00 - Sun 9 February 2020 19.00



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