Photography tutors and alumni in Rotterdam Photo 2018 during Art Rotterdam Week

KABK Photography tutors and alumni participate in the programme of the Rotterdam Photo 2018 during Art Rotterdam Week. Exhibitions and Photo Talks with amongst others Rob Hornsta, Ola Lanko, Lars van den Brink, Lise Straatsma, Robin Butter and Jan Rosseel.

Rotterdam Photo is an annual photo manifestation that takes place during Art Rotterdam Week. Located at Deliplein in the Katendrecht district the event celebrates the wide spectrum of photography as it presents itself in our contemporary image culture. Together with the exhibitions at the Nederlands Fotomuseum and the fine art photography fair Haute Photographie, the 'Kop van Zuid' will transform from 8 till 11 February into the one stop hub for photography fans. 


Rotterdam Photo presents work by national and international photography talents among whom our KABK Photography alumni Robin Butter and Lisa Straatsma. The full programme can be found on

Fringe Program 2018: Rotterdam Photo at World Press Photo

Rotterdam Photo presents during World Press Photo 2017 three exhibitions around the theme  FAKE | TRUT with contemporary autonomous photography by among others KABK Photography tutor and alumna Ola Lanko and alumni Lars van den Brink and Lise Straatsma.

This exhibition is on view from 20 January until 9 February 2018.

Rotterdam Photo Talks

Rotterdam Photo Talks is an evening for photo enthusiasts and professionals, looking for perspectives that shed a new light on our contemporary image society. Whether the topics are trending, underexposed, or highly debated the program will investigate, various aspects of visual culture and the role of photography in it, through keynotes, Q&A's and presentations. This upcoming edition we will continue to explore and be inspired by the notion of the photographic medium as a 'machina veritas', a topic that has kept the photography field busy ever since the 'invention' of photography in 1839.

Among the guest speakers are photographers and KABK alumni Robin Butter, visual storyteller Jan Rosseel and co-head KABK Photography department Rob Hornstra.



Thu 8 February 2018 18.00 - Sun 11 February 2018 19.00


Rotterdam Photo Deliplein, Katendrecht 3072 AN Rotterdam // Rotterdam Photo Talks Creative space Fenix II, Veerplein 21, 3072 AN, Rotterdam

Entrance fee

Rotterdam Photo 2018: Admission free // Rotterdam Photo Talks: 15 euro / 10 euro for students