Chantal Hendriksen

Graphic Design

Chantal Hendriksen (1978, Delft) is a graphic designer running her studio based in Amsterdam. The projects evolve from a deep affinity with contemporary art, which manifests itself in collaborations with art institutes, museums, galleries, individual artists and photographers as well as a wide range of self-initiated projects. The studio always likes to challenge the profession's autonomy in its collaborations with various other disciplines and all its projects are characterized by a conceptual and experimental approach.

Her role at the Graphic Design department of the Royal Academy of Art focuses on the professional development of our students. For example, she guides students within the elective course ‘Design Office’, a course in which students get the chance to work on real assignments and projects with clients from outside of the Academy. In addition Chantal Hendriksen supervises the internships in year 3 and takes care of the Professional Practice Skills course.