Tessa van Rijn

Tessa van Rijn (NL) graduated from the Bachelor Photography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) in 2017 with the project Darkest Light.

Graduation project

Darkest Light

Thirty percent of humanity can no longer see the light band on the night sky. It is a sad thought that our generation is growing up without ever seeing the Milky Way (domestically).

Our Western culture is the first to lose the awareness of the relationship between the universe and man. This is caused by light pollution, an effect due to growing urbanization. The Netherlands is the most “light-polluted” country in Europe.

The project ‘Darkest Light' is a visual search for a magical experience with nature. Inside the Dark Sky Parks in Holland, a country where almost every inch of nature is artificial, I searched for the Galaxy. Looking for this magical experience with real nature, now that it’s still possible.