Brigitte Louter

Brigitte Louter (NL) graduated from the Bachelor Fine Arts department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) in 2018.

Nominee Bachelor Fine Arts department Award 2018

Graduation project 2018

syzygy in a negative leap second

In the third act of my thesis, which functions as a script for the work, a character named and embodying ‘the purposefully useless’ collects the pieces of superfluous symbolism that were shaved off explanatory visuals and assembles them into a sequence of ideas and objects in a confined space that functions as a pataphor.

(The pataphor, popularly defined as:

“That which occurs when a lizard’s tail has grown so long it breaks off and grows a new lizard.”)

Creating a world of inflation and deflation, where formal elements from worlds with halos of seriousness stop referring to their original context, and become the matter of a nature in which curious, absurd and sometimes childlike laws structure chaos.

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