Video works by I/M/D graduating students in Street View Cinema in The Hague

Two video works by Adam Centko & Carmen Roca Igual, graduating students from the Interactive/Media/Design department are being screened at 1646 project space in The Hague. 1646 has transformed its big display window into a temporary Street View Cinema, daily on view between 21.00 – 23.00.

The two works reflect on technology, loneliness and the role of digital environments in times of the current pandemic. A new reality emerges from our relationship to the digital world and our representations of ourselves.

Adam Centko
Silicon Sights
8 minutes 8 seconds (4K)

Silicon Sights offers a stroll through digital and natural landscapes whilst trying to interpret how they intertwine—a new Romaticism. A fragile dependency comes to light, showing how the digital space can’t thrive without the natural resources of the physical one. The more photorealistic and accurate the virtual simulation, the more computer processing power is necessary, which in turn requires more natural resources to be used for computer chips and the like, leaving an increasingly large carbon footprint.

Carmen Roca Igual

Novel is a dramatic musing on the external and internal masks we choose to put on. The video takes place at the beginning of the lock down in Spain. The characters (Lola, Rosa, Carmen and her Mother) are stuck at home and boredom starts overcome them. Before long they question their own self image out loud as they begin to talk to and even gossip with selfies and inanimate objects. The girls go through an introspective journey, in a quarantine, accompanied by their phones and tablets. Their devices invent new gestures that affect our natural behaviors — like the flickering of a Face Filter with a slight tilt of the head to put our masks back on.



Fri 22 May 2020 21.00 - Sun 31 May 2020 23.00


1646 project space, Boekhorstst. 125, The Hague, NL

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