Practicum Artium exhibition 'P.S. I'll find my way back to you'

The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) invite you to the opening of the Practicum Artium P.S. I'll find my way back to you on Thursday 11 May.

The exhibition shows works by the students of Practicum Artium, a joint programme by Leiden University and Royal Academy of Art that offers talented students from Leiden University the opportunity to develop artistic perspectives and skills through drawing, graphic design, painting or photography during one academic year at KABK.

photos by Soyun Park

With works by:

Graphic Design: Conducting Narratives
Sophie Granger
Max Bernaerts
Merlijn Hesselink
August Sundgaard
Klaudia Miroslawska
Hannah Kissmann
Pauline Lévy-Fidel

Painting: Crafting Meaning with Colour
Hester Be
Isabel Valkhof
Charlotte Dessaignes
Hanneke Perton
Marit Fokkink
Merel Hoefnagels
Deli Weeks
Catalina Balan
Babs van Eijk
Alice Kaye

Photography: Visual Conversations
Musa Mu
Trâm Nguyen Quang
August Sundgaard
Lorenzo Ruvidotti
Tabi Werhahn
Robin de Vries
Arto Schudy
Paula Hiemer
Eszter Kálmán
Hannah Kissmann
Manon Fournier
Clément Carrard
Miki Geiszt
Tanya Charushnikova
Laura Chianese

Drawing Dimensions
Georgina Bazin
Zwaantje Zoë Bijl
Arne Wolfgang Borchhardt
Maisie Taylor
Ianthe Eliza Dijk
Juliet Merel Querine Drop
Annabelle Hinz
Samuel Simon Roelof Kooper
Emma Katharina Orth
Monserrat Alejandra Peters Espejo
Taj'Anne Faye Rossenaar
Clara Ursula Schmerwitz
Navya Suneej
Isah Marijke Tak
Christina Zymari



Thu 11 May 2023 00.00 - Sat 13 May 2023 00.00


KABK Gallery 1, 2 and 4

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Opening: Thursday 11 May 18:00-21:00
Exhibition: Friday 12 May 10:00-17:00, Saturday 13 May 10:00-15:00