The University of the Arts (KABK & KC) is an institutional member and founder of the international Research Catalogue. The Research Catalogue (RC) is an open source, online, collaborative workspace for the archiving, designing and publishing research in the fields of (performing) art, design and music. With the aim of displaying and documenting practice in a manner that respects artistic modes of presentation, the RC allows the weaving together of text, image, files, audio and video material.

Research Catalogue

The RC is already being used extensively by teachers and students of the Royal Conservatoire (KC) and the Academy of the Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) of the University of Leiden.


  • Create Online exhibitions (graphical, text based and html) and share it with your peers
  • Publish media (PDF, video, audio)
  • Use the RC as a media repository


  • Free account
  • Unique online workspace for creating online exhibitions/publications
  • Possibilities to publish your exhibitions privately or publicly.
  • Unlimited upload of data
  • Possibilities to collaborate with others is excellent
  • Connect to other art/design researchers and their networks around the world
  • Safe environment regarding privacy and copyright concerns


Student exhibition: As Real as you want, KABK lectorate Art, Theory & Practice

screenshot 'As Real as you want' on RC

Publication: Future Fossils Report, KABK Lectorate Design

screenshot 'Future Fossils' on RC

Student exhibition, Practicum Artium, ACPA/KABK

screenshot 'Practicum Artium' on RC

Platform: ARC_sessions, ACPA Leiden University

screenshot 'ARC_sessions' on RC

Exhibition: Unfolding Waves exhibition, KC (PhD)

screenshot 'Unfolding Waves exhibition' on RC

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More information about the Research Catalogue:

Access to Research Catalogue for KABK students and teachers

Interested in an account?

Please send a message to the Portal Manager at for an account, she can also give a short introduction to the platform.

Please contact the portal manager for possibilities:

  • If you are a department head and want to use the Research Catalogue for education and publication;
  • If you are a teacher and want to use the Research Catalogue in your classes as collaboration platform;
  • If you are a student and want to use the Research Catalogue for your research and thesis;
  • If you are a staff member or teacher and want to use the Research Catalogue for your research.

More information about the Research Catalogue: