Stories on the Housing Crisis

Stories on the Housing Crisis are five visual journalistic projects developed during the past semester by students of the Non Linear Narrative master of the KABK.

The housing crisis in the Netherlands manifests itself by a doubling in the amount of homeless people and an urgent shortage in affordable housing. Social distancing rules under COVID-19 will further exacerbate the issue. Stories are needed that navigate this complex crisis.

The students began their research by visiting a homeless shelter and the straatconsulaat, they spoke with former homeless people and local politicians. Using publicly available data, they developed online narratives. Their projects use interaction to provide valuable insights in the housing crisis.

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Participating students
Nelleke Broeze, Justine Corrijn, Sophie Czich, Esther van der Heijden, Elif Tuana Inhan, Jenny Konrad, Lance Laoyan, Marcin Liminowicz, Dario Di Paolantonio, Pablo Perez, Katie Pelikan, Taisiia Reshetnik, Elinor Salomon, Natalia Sliwinska

Ruben Pater (KABK), Xiomara Vado Soto (guest tutor), Emile den Tex (guest tutor).