Master Non Linear Narrative students dig into the archeological data of the Victory Boogie Woogietunnel

28 February 2019

The Non Linear Narrative master programme kicked off its new collaboration project together with Rotterdamsebaan, Stroom Den Haag and the Archaeology Department of The Hague on February 14th, 2019, by visiting the excavation site of the Victory Boogie Woogietunnel at Vlietzone area.

Archeological findings rest in the sacred safes of the former bank De Tempel. For this project students are invited to use the information and data assembled by the municipal Department of Archaeology to create narratives that bridge across time. The goal is to link any of the historical objects to contemporary debates and find matches between archaeological research methods and design-based investigations.

More information and the end results of this collaboration will be published on the project page:

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