Introduction days 2021-2022

During the introduction days, we welcome all our first-year students to the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) and to The Hague. We provide you with practical information and useful tips in order to start the academic year and your studies at the academy, while you get acquainted with your fellow students and teachers and familiarise yourself with the fantastic academy building and workshop facilities.

2021 introduction days theme: ‘Homecoming’

The organisers of this year’s introduction days were KABK alumni Fien Leeflang and Carolina Valente Pinto :

"We are KABK Graphic Design alumni and now work in a multidisciplinary range, from design, to research and production. We also happen to share a studio space and love sharing food.
We wanted to embrace the concept of housewarming and everything you go through when moving to a new place. What are you bringing in your moving boxes? How do you meet your new neighbours? What kind of conversations do you bring to the dinner table?
With the start of this new adventure for many of you, we want new students to reclaim their space and make this house their new home!"

Photo review of the KABK intro days 2021

KABK introdagen 2021 - Yoga at the Malieveld
Yoga at the Malieveld, photo: Ed Chilton
KABK introdagen 2021 - Lunch at the KABK canteen
Lunch op de KABK canteen, photo: Cecilie Jensen
KABK introdagen 2021 - Tour in the KABK building
Tour in the KABK building, photo: Cecilie Jensen
KABK introdagen 2021 - Tour rond Den Haag
Tour around The Hague, photo: Cecilie Jensen
KABK intro days 2021 - at the beach Scheveningen
At the beach Scheveningen, photo: Cecilie Jensen