MA Artistic Research at Quartair with Sun Kissed // Fog Off

Sun Kissed // Fog Off brings together a group of art works, produced in different media, and presented in several constellations during a two day physical presentation at Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives in The Hague by all current students of the MA Artistic Research programme.

The works change shape and spread on the internet in different forms, finally held together in the archive on

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Sun Kissed // Fog Off

In a world where tyrant covid grabbed his power and is still ruling our lives, we were all forced to make a standstill in one way or another. Now one year after the first lockdown, we’re getting the opportunity to work together again as a group on the cusp of Spring.

It feels like a fresh breath of air. Within one week, with all the participants of the MA Master Artistic Research of KABK in The Hague, we created the project Sun Kissed // Fog Off. It works like a kaleidoscope and set of gems that share their energy wherever they are presented.

We have embraced the restrictions of the pandemic and found a way to deal with obstructions like not being able to touch or physically gather. So we started from looking into the possibilities instead and turned those restrictions into ways of presenting the art works in ways that fit and connect to this specific moment in time.

Questions of time and space became important in creating the right relations during the collaborations and between works.

  • What does it mean to present a sculpture in physical space and on the internet?
  • How can they get a physical sense of the works when seeing an image of for instance a painting?
  • How does the audience perceive live performance on their laptops at home?
  • And how do we deal with time zones and having colleagues missing out on physical meetings because they cannot be in The Hague?

Sun Kissed // Fog Off expands from Korea through Colombia and through the internet to all corners of the globe and digital realms.

The kaleidoscope is always in flux. Sun Kissed by that energy, we playfully say Fog Off.

Participating artists:

Balint Revesz
Clara Pallí
Daphne Monastirioti
Elisa Cuesta
Emily Stevenhagen
Esther Arribas
Eva Van Ooijen
Georgie Brinkman
Giath Mardini|
Haevan Lee
Juliana M. Hernández
Lena Longefay
Leonie Brandner
Mazen Alashkar
Noortje Remmen
Omid Kheirabadi
Renata Mirón
Rosa Walbeek
Serene Hui
Shardenia Felicia
Xenia Klein
and the Hypocritical Care Collective

Curator: Maaike Orlando Gouwenberg



Sat 20 March 2021 12.00 - Sun 21 March 2021 22.00