Gen Ramírez

Gen Ramírez (MX) graduated from the Master Type Media department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) in 2018.

Nominee Master Type Media department Award 2018

Graduation project 2018

Entorno Sans

‘Entorno’ is a sans serif type family and a variable font intended for signage systems in urban and virtual spaces. It was designed to fit formal requirements for wayfinding signage, public transportation systems, maps and simulations. The ‘Entorno family’ consists of a wide range of members, including thin to black, extra condensed to extended, horizontal and vertical contrast. As a variable font it is constructed from a multidimensional approach, conceived to be adjusted to respond to the context of use and compensate for possible problems of legibility, by modulating its weight, width, contrast, stretching and even structure.

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