Master Industrial Design launches publication: "In two shakes of a lamb's tail"

24 January 2024

Speculative design inquiries into relations between human, nature, and technology

Last week, the first year students of the Master Industrial Design finalised their project on the topic "Nature of Technology", mentored by the studio ‘Cream on Chrome’, and in collaboration with Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek (STT), and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer from Het Nieuwe Instituut. They recently gathered their final project in a special publication, allowing the public to be part of their semester work with futuristic scenarios, astonishing products and innovative perspectives on the relationship between different species.

During the course, the students experimented with opposing answers to the question: “How could new technological developments influence the relationship between humans and nature in the future?”

They’ve challenged the very terms of “technology” through speculative design, assuming diverse perspectives from humans and non-humans, with the aim for designers to re-think about how we shape tools, objects, and even systems.

Drawn up by the work of STT and the research of Daphne Roodhuysen, students were given five futuristic scenarios that explore current crossovers between sustainability challenges and technological visions. In groups, they had to use their design skills to present an artifact that detailed a conceivable story for each of the two scenarios chosen, which aimed to prepare complex subjects for public engagement.

If you feel intrigued, and wonder to check out the physical edition, come by the MID department.

If you feel intrigued, check out the online publication:

The following students contributed: Doğa Çakmakçı, Enora Cressan, Milena Eiras De Sanzo, Eleonora Gasparini, Mia Serra Gil, Mahtab Ghasemi, Maaike Helleman, Juraj Olejár, Eline ten Busschen, Lucy Vink, Amber van Gastel, Moritz Plöns, Fahime Zare, Renan Zarpellon Gago.