Internships are part of the curriculum of our full-time design programmes as they assist students in developing design skills, production practice, entrepreneurial skills, and working in a team.

Internship placements are selected, coordinated and supervised by the departments.

An internship must comprise at least half a semester, up to a maximum of one semester. The minimum duration of an Erasmus+ internship is two months and the maximum duration is one semester.

Contact information internship coordinators

For more information about internships, contact our internship coordinators:

Photography dept.:
Daniëlle van Ark

Graphic Design dept.:
Chantal Hendriksen
en Vanessa Lambrecht

Interactive/Media/Design dept.:
Lyndsey Housden

Interior Architecture & Furniture Design dept.:
Willem Moeselaar

Textile & Fashion dept.:
Gerrit Uittenbogaard

Below a list of selected creative and design studios, where our students have completed their internships:

  • LUST
  • Studio Zoro Feigl
  • Maison Martin Margiela
  • Claes Iversen
  • Kummer&Herrman
  • Vruchtvlees
  • Thonik
  • Miles Aldrige
  • Blommers&Schumm