On 9 March 2021, the Lectorate Design organised an online event as part of the Leiden University Art Research Convergence series, in which a panel of artistic researchers working in different media explored the cross currents and the points of differentiation between their various approaches to walking as a research method.

Alice Twemlow, Design Lector at KABK and associate professor at ACPA, Leiden University, was joined by:
Justin Bennett, tutor in Institute of Sonology at KC and member of Interdisciplinary Research Group (KABK, KC and ACPA);
Rebecca Dunne, alumna, MA Artistic Research, KABK;
Sophie van Romburgh, lecturer at LUCAS, Leiden University; and
Stephanie Springgay, director, School of the Arts, McMaster University, co-director of WalkingLab.

Among other topics, the panel addressed the relationship between walking and other strategies and tactics such as writing, mapping, image-making, archiving, sensing, speculation, listening, and place-making, and between walking and issues and themes such as rhythm, public space, climate crisis, the Anthropocene, and slowness.

The session also invited a discussion on how walking could be situated more critically in what theorists Stephanie Springgay and Sarah E. Truman have labelled a 'more-than-human; methodological discourse, with the potential to engender 'solidarity, accountability, and response-ability'.

To watch a recording of the event, please use the following links:
Introduction by Alice Twemlow

Presentations by Justin Bennett, Rebecca Dunne, Sophie van Romburgh

Presentation by Stephanie Springgay, first 15 minutes of Q&A

You can browse a PDF of the Walking as a Research Method publication or write to lectoratedesign@kabk.nl to order a hard copy.

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