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Listening : A Research Method in Art and Design

Book Launch event, part of Rewire 2024

On April 4, 2024, KABK Design Lectorate and Rewire hosted a special launch event to celebrate the publication of Listening: A Research Method in Art and Design.

The sound practitioner and DJ Loma Doom (aka Femke Dekker) and her mentor, the sound theorist Salomé Vogelin created a live curatorial performance in response to the publication. Using the KABK Design Lectorate round table as their stage, and structured around the publication's spread of keywords, the piece blended and layered spoken word and recorded sonic samples to mesmeric effect.

Then Salomé and Femke joined Alice Twemlow for a discussion with some of the book contributors about the diverse roles of listening in their research practices:

Justin Bennett, audiovisual artist, KC Institute of Sonology tutor;
Cecilie Fang, artist, writer, KABK student;
Jack Bardwell, spatial designer, radiomaker, KABK alum;
Ege Şahin, composer, sound artist, KC student;
Christian Schwarz, data sonifier, composer, critical engineer, KABK-KC alum.

Listening Research Methodin Art KABK 04 04 24 Michal Betta 45
Curatorial performance by Loma Doom and Salome Voegelin, to launch Listening: A Research Method in Art & Design

Presented by
Design Lectorate

Curatorial performance: Femke Dekker and Salomé Voegelin
Event production: Bianca Meilof
Art direction and graphic design: Niels Schrader
Photo documentation: Michal Betta