Zero-Waste Cabinet of Curiosity

The Lectorate Design aims to nurture and promote a robust research culture within KABK and via the channels that connect it with Leiden University. The central theme of the Lectorate is Design and the Deep Future as a means to explore the relationship between design and expanded timescales in the context of the climate crisis.

In 2019, students of the KABK Interior Architecture & Furniture Design BA (Class of 2019/2020) conceived, designed and built a research space adjacent to the KABK canteen to provide a visible hub for research activities and the display and exchange of research methods, processes and outputs.

Their concept, a 'Zero-Waste Cabinet of Curiosity', is a collection of materials, archiving methods and information intended to inspire curiosity and provoke debate about waste. All the waste materials used in the construction of this space were sourced from the KABK.

BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, Class of 2019/2020​

Ebru Güner

Courteney Reitz

Rita Andrulyte

Bryan Arends

Philip Atanasov

Guglielmo Bozzoli Parasacchi

Artemi Bütler

Andy Cartier

Liselot Cobelens

Ilya Doreanu

Gina Furrer

Jesse Greulich

Kaja Hribšek

Anjali Khandelwal

Pyeori Jung

Dita Lešovská

Chiel Lubbers

Kenneth Moreno Kiernan

Michal Noy

Lilian Onstenk

Agnė Rubytė

Julia Sjöman

Zhao Zhou

Marieke Schoenmakers, director, KABK

Gytha Coleman, head of operations, KABK

Roel van Herpt, Reality Check tutor, IA&FD

Victoria Meniakina, Reality Check tutor, IA&FD

Giulio Margheri, Reality Check tutor, IA&FD

Herman Verkerk, head of IA&FD

De Tovernaald


Photography: Ivor Borovecki, BA Photography

Graphic Design: Thora Thøgersen and Marieke Dijsselhof, BA Graphic Design