Special guest: Barcelona-based researcher Jara Rocha
Friday 9 June, 11:00, KABK

Letting go of fixitude

X-dexing is yet another invented method to try and stay close to complexity. It emerged in conversation with designer Manetta Berends and can mean different things, depending on who assumes the task: “If ‘indexing’ would be about gaining access through the illusion of completeness, the x-dex is about situated unfoldings, about letting go of fixitude and about handing over for a little longer; a form of generative relationality that is not providing control nor indication, but a sort of playfulness and imaginative re-entanglement.”

In this lecture, open to the whole KABK community, Jara Rocha will provide a tour through a number of not-too-comfortable-practices, not-too-assertive-methods, not-too-modern-tools and not-too-clear-attempts coming from a loose network of networks of trans*feminist technosciences’ collectivities and processes.

The aim of the session is to mumble about questions, methods and potential experiments for an ongoing praxis of disobedient action-research committed to radical interdependence and mutual co-constitution for a regenerative justice.

JARA2022 copy

Jara Rocha works across the situated and complex forms of distribution of the technological, with an enby, antifa and trans*feminist sensibility. They tend to find themselves in tasks of remediation, edition, action-research and in(ter)dependent curatorship. Their main experimentation areas have to do with contemporary semiotic-material conditions of possibility.

With Femke Snelting they published Volumetric Regimes: Material Cultures of Quantified Presence (Open Humanities Press, 2022), and also together with Helen V. Pritchard they work on the projects The Underground Division and Queering Damage. With Karl Moubarak and Cristina Cochior they conform the Cell for Digital Discomfort (BAK fellowship 21-22).

Jara is an associate member of The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (https://titipi.org). They live in Barcelona, where they teach at EINA and ESCAC and hold the 2023 Fellowship by Hangar/La Virreina with a project called LaaS (Life as a Service). They are part of the curatorial board at La Capella and their show “Naturoculturas son disturbios” emits erratically from local Dublab radio.


Image credits:
Portrait by Ona Bros
Illustration by Gelen Jeleton