Tuesday 29 November, 2022
Fort de Batterijen in Nieuwegein

At this year’s DIS SEMINAR, organized by the platform Kunst ≠ Onderzoek, the KABK Design Lectorate will present a hands-on workshop with three KABK alums who contributed to the Touching: A Research Method in Art & Design project. The session will include an introduction by KABK Design Lector Alice Twemlow and then the former KABK students will share their approaches to co-researching with materials via the sense of touch.

Presenting artists and designers:
Giulietta Pastorino Verastegui—Caressing Colour: Researching with Pigments
Erco Lai
—Coaxing Calcium Carbonate: Researching with Geo Processes
Muireann Nic An Bheatha
—Tapping Tapioca: Researching with Bioplastics

To register for the seminar, please visit the Kunst ≠ Onderzoek website.

Giulietta Pastorino Verastegui 4
B 7 2
Muireann Nic an Bheathahigh 2