KABK Research Club, Listening as a Research Method II
Special guest: Marseille-based researcher-curator Elena Biserna

Tuesday 4 April, 16:00-18:30
New Music Lab, 6th floor, Amare, Spuiplein 150, Den Haag

Everyone is warmly invited to attend the next KABK Research Club, hosted by the Institute of Sonology at KC/Amare!

The session will be devoted to sharing research practices that gather around the uses, methods and meanings of listening.

In part 1, our special guest Elena Biserna will give a lecture and in part 2, we will leave time for all those who want to ‘pitch’ an idea for our upcoming publication and/or exhibition, Listening as a Research Method in Art and Design. Please prepare 1 image, 1 sound file and a pitch no longer than 5 minutes.

Lecture: Going Out – Walking, Listening, Soundmaking
Since the 1960s, the act of walking has provided a way for artists and musicians to escape the formality of the concert hall or institutional venue, engaging with shifting public spaces, natural environments, and the social and political sphere. Walking redefines notions of composer, performer, public, and music itself, while opening new modes of perception and action. Departing from her recently published book Going Out (umland, 2022), this talk addresses these developments by exploring the relationship between walking, listening, and soundmaking in the arts—from the first soundwalks and itinerant performances in the 1960s to today's manifold ambulatory projects.

Elena Biserna is an independent researcher and occasional curator based in Marseille, France. She writes, talks, teaches, facilitates workshops or collective projects, curates and sometimes performs. Her interests are focused on listening and on 'situated' art practices in relationship with urban dynamics, socio-cultural processes, the public and political sphere.

Her writings have appeared in several international publications published by Les Presses du Réel, Mimesis, Le Mot et le Reste, Errant Bodies, Amsterdam University Press, Cambridge Scholar, Castelvecchi, Bloomsbury, and Routledge. Her latest edited books are: Walking from Scores (Dijon: Les Presses du réel, 2022) and Going Out. Walking, Listening, Sound-Making (Brussels: umland, 2022).

Elena co-curates the series La Membrane and co-edits the column wi watt'heure of Revue & Corrigée with Carole Rieussec. She has collaborated with, or presented her projects in, venues and organisations, such as: LUFF (Lausanne), Fondation Onassis (Athens), Sonic Protest (Paris), Festival Plataforma (Santiago de Compostela); Oscillation festival, CIVA and Q-O2 (Brussels); Manifesta 13, Unité d’Habitation Le Corbusier and La Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille); 3bisF-centre d’art contemporains, Locus Sonus and Fondation Vasarely (Aix-en-Provence); soundpocket (Hong Kong); Standards (Milan); NUB (Pistoia); Radio India (Rome); Sant'Andrea degli Amplificatori, Xing, Radio Città Fujiko (Bologna); Cona (Ljubljana); Saout Radio; p-node.

The KABK Research Club is an informal forum for tutors, heads, staff, workshop supervisors, PhD candidates and students. Research can take the form of scholarly investigation into art or design as subject matter, or it can be practice-led, using art or design as the method and means of enquiry. Club meetings are organized several times a year and convened by the Design Lector, Dr Alice Twemlow. During club meetings, participants are invited to share their research in progress and engage in discussion about shared points of interest in research such as methods, approaches and references as well as in practical matters such as the funding, organisation, publishing and dissemination of research. The aim is to identify and nurture emergent and developing research projects, share findings and best practices and create a network of potential collaborators and mentors.