Content type: Manifesto
Credits: Platform21
Year: 2009

‘If it’s broken, fix it and make it better.’
The Repair Manifesto, Platform 21, 2009

Proposed by the Amsterdam-based collective Platform21 in 2009, the Repair Manifesto calls for designers to produce goods that consumers can easily repair. Platform21 asserts that repairing is environmentally responsible and more efficient than recycling. Repairing also saves money and teaches engineering skills. The manifesto speaks to both professionals and amateurs, suggesting that everyone should participate in conversations and share ideas and knowledge to boost creativity and innovation in the field of repair regardless of skill level.

Whilst Platform21 has now closed, its website remains and continues to be used as a source of inspiration for repairers. The website links to Platform21 projects and various other ideas such as Hacking IKEA furniture, essays on hobby culture and the Repair Manifesto itself.

The Repair Manifesto, by Platform21
The Repair Manifesto, by Platform21