Publication Launch: Touching: A Research Method in Art and Design
2 September, 2022, 17:00 - 19:00, KABK Courtyard

With an introduction by:
Ranti Tjan, Director, KABK
Alice Twemlow, Design Lector, KABK

And presentations by:

Petra Blaisse, designer and founder, Inside Outside
Laura van Santen, architect and tutor, BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, KABK
Cynthia Hathaway, designer, researcher and tutor, MA Industrial Design, KABK
Erco Lai, designer and alumnus, MA Industrial Design, KABK
Ada Popowicz, designer and alumna BA Graphic Design, KABK

On 2 September we had a festive launch of Touching: A Research Method in Art and Design in the KABK courtyard. Tutors, students and guests gathered to pick up a copy of the publication, raise a glass to the contributors, and participate in discussion about the role of touch, matter and material in research.

When we want to check the facts, to verify our ‘epistemic grip on reality’, as the philosopher Ophelia Deroy puts it, the sense for which we reach is touch. And while touch can certainly be used to elicit and ‘grip’ knowledge, it can also be used in a more tentative and probing modality — to feel our way toward truths that are both within and yet always beyond the grasp.
Alice Twemlow, introduction

This publication, edited by Alice Twemlow and designed by Niels Schrader, contains interviews, research samples, recipes, quotations, and reflections on the research process by tutors, workshop instructors and students all across the KABK community.

The range of materials and processes engaged with is diverse and the approaches are as unique as fingerprints, but a premise embedded in the DNA of material research is that experiments are shared. And so, whether your work is about addressing one of the urgent social issues of our day or pursuing one of the more enduring questions about the relationship between humans and the environment, we hope you will find in this book the inspiration, but also the ingredients, you need to recreate and adapt your own variant of material research.

The publication is part of a project initiated by the KABK Design Lectorate that explores the research methods artists and designers choose to work with, and how they use them to create and surface new contributions to knowledge. The first edition of the project focused on walking. In this second iteration we look at how research is conducted with and through materials and matter.

For more information about the project, please see here.

Whether engaging with materials to give tangible form to ideas, or using materials as the very starting point of a creative process, artists and designers recognise that this kind of feeling-toward-knowing requires deep patience and an openness to what a material is willing to impart.
Alice Twemlow, introduction