Plastic-Fabric Fusing
Marcos Kueh Sheng Pang
4th year, Bachelor Textile & Fashion

What did you find out with this research?
Using the laser cutter and heat press to cut and fuse plastics onto construction fabrics and waste yarns produces interesting pattern repeats.

What did you do if anything went wrong along the way?
The power of the laser melts the plastic material at different levels, which later on determine how much the material shrinks on the heat press. A lot of trial and error was needed to figure out the right setting to get the most interesting results.

Construction coverings or plastic tarpaulins, cheap organza fabrics, waste yarn

Tools / Techniques:
Laser cutter machine: 100% power, 10% speed for cutting; 80% power with 80% speed for engraving.

Manual heat press: 170 degrees for 15 seconds.

KABK Textiles


  1. Prepare design files for laser machine.

  2. Arrange cut-out in between waste yarn and organza fabric.

  3. Put under heat press in between non-stick fabric.

  4. Take out after 15 seconds and let cool before peeling off.

Health and Safety Precautions:
When cutting, make sure the ventilation is sufficient. When melting plastics, make sure material is properly cooled before handling.

This recipe is part of Touching: A Research Method in Art and Design, an exhibition curated by architect and KABK tutor Laura van Santen, featuring the materials and research of students, tutors and workshop instructors from the KABK.

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