Research activities


Research is one of the main pillars of the University of the Arts The Hague. Within the study programmes, the aspect of research focuses on the artistic and intellectual development of the student.

Research is also performed by the teachers at the university. The way in which research is being developed at the university is supported and inspired through the intensive collaboration with Leiden University. The nature of the research activities differs per educational level. In the bachelor’s this involves the learning of basic research skills which an artist or musician will require in their future artistic practice. These have relevance to the articulated ability to reflect on the artist’s own expertise and artistic practice in general. Research at the master’s level is more specifically directed towards doing a research project into a specific field of study. The research topics are usually directly related to the specific field of study of the student, and relevant to both the artistic and intellectual development of the student on the one hand and to the development of the field of study on the other. After the master’s course students can apply for participation in the doctoral programmes for musicians and composers (docARTES) or for visual artists and designers (PhDArts), which are facilitated by the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University.

Ultimately all the findings that derive from the different forms of research and at the different levels are of crucial importance for artistic practice and will contribute to the strengthening of the quality of education at the University of the Arts.


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