The research group investigates the interaction between theory and practice in visual art and design in the artistic process of the research group members, and it examines the phenomenon of artistic research in a more general sense.

The research group convenes on a monthly basis and consists of visual artists and theoreticians from various disciplines. Most of its members are teachers at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. The research group is open to all teachers of the academy who are interested in doing research in the field of artistic research. Contributions from external experts stimulate reflection and solidify the collaboration with different parties in the art field.

Members join the research group for at least one year. The expertise gained by the research is transferred to students of the academy through the educational programme and through conferences and expert meetings.

NB.: Since September 2015 the former research group (kenniskring) has been replaced by the new Research Group (Onderzoeksgroep) of the lectorate.