Biomaterial Cooking
Chiel Lubbers
Graduate 2021, Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

What did you find out with this research?
How various vegetables have the potential to be processed into biomaterials/textiles.

What is the technique you based your material research on?
Cooking, blending and drying.

The ingredients can easily be bought in the supermarket. When larger amounts are needed you could find a farmer who grows specific vegetables, which is also a nice way to find out more about their origin and growth. Glycerine can be bought in most herbal or drugstores.

Knife, pan, stove, mixer, blender, spatula, large oven mat to dry the material on, fan/dry-oven, slow-juicer (optional)



  1. Process/chop, and cook vegetables.

  2. Mix or blend cooked vegetables and add glycerine.

  3. Spread the mix on an oven mat and let it dry with constant air circulation.

  4. When the material has dried it will easily loosen from the mat.

This recipe is part of Touching: A Research Method in Art and Design, an exhibition curated by architect and KABK tutor Laura van Santen, featuring the materials and research of students, tutors and workshop instructors from the KABK.

More information on the display, all samples and recipes can be found here.