In the framework of the Exhibition Research Lab, students of the Royal Academy (BA) and students of the Leiden University (BA and MA), have created three exhibitions: Outside Inn, Dinner table, when attitudes become food and 1/1 - This Is Not a Copy, This Is an Exhibition. Each exhibition proposes different artistic and curatorial vision and strategy.

Opening of all 3 exhibitions: Wednesday 19 May 12.30-20.00 in Gallery 1, Gallery 2 and at the Library at the Royal Academy of Art.

The exhibition is part of the course: Exhibition Research Lab of the Lectorate Art, Theory & Practice

Outside Inn

Opening: 19 May 2021, 12.30-20.00, Galleries 1 & 2, Royal Academy of Art

Is the material world a living dream or is it the universe’s dream? Reality is an abyss, a bottomless pit and in the whirlwind of this limbo, we find ourselves here, and there, and somewhere. Wherever the direction may lead us, the world of our dreams and reality finds itself in the directionless limbo between an illusory outside and a bewildered inside.

In this exhibition, nine artists present works relating to a fluidity of borders and boundaries, of demarcations and delineations, between the here and there, the now and then; the outside and the inside.

Working with the theme of limbo – an unsurpassable liminality of inbetweenness – this exhibition questions how we conceive of, construct and co-exist with the world we live in.

Participants: Anne-Claire Flora Mackenzie, Avita Maheen, Bo Deurloo, Erika Peucelle, Erika Radonic, Jemima de Jonge, Joris van den Einden, Rio Drop and Valerie Merbis.

1/1 - This Is Not a Copy, This Is an Exhibition

Opening: 19 May, 16.00-18.00 at the Library of the Royal Academy of Art, for the duration of six weeks.
After this period the exhibition can be found through the library system, and will therefore never end.

Answering to the problem of the digitization of our experience of artworks, Exhibition Research Lab presents 1/1 - This Is Not a Copy, This Is an Exhibition. Ten artists show original artworks in a one-of-a-kind book, thereby treating the book as a space for exhibition making and reaching beyond the mere representative nature of the traditional publication.

Participants: 1/1 - This Is Not a Copy, This Is an Exhibition is curated by Rio Drop (student Fine Arts), and shows works by Maria Atanasiu, Bo Deurloo, Joris van den Einden, Petra Huisman, Jemima de Jonge, Anne-Claire Flora Mackenzie, Avita Maheen, Valerie Merbis, Erika Peucelle and Mina Yee.

Dinner table, when attitudes become food

Opening: 19 May, 16.00-20.00, Gallery 2, Royal Academy of Art

A dinner can be much more than just a meal:
it can propose a new logic, through conversation,
the objects of experience invite for new ideals.

Treating the table as a space for exhibition making
Using their senses, emotion, meaning and memory,
In this exhibition nine artists from varying fields come together for
An afternoon and evening to present works on the dinner table;
A collaborative space or gathering, where works come together and in a discussion.
Inspired by its evergreen nature, what was previously food, drink,
table-cloth or chair is now art,
And just like food, it is now necessary for survival.

Participants in this exhibition are: Avita Maheen, Anne Claire Flora Mackenzie, Bo Durloo, Erika Peucelle, Erika Radonic, Maria Atanasiu, Mina Yee, Petra Huisman and Rio Drop.