During the KABK Open Day students of the second year Fine Arts department present their Docking Station project Theatricality, situation and the object in Gallery 3. Theory and practice are joined in this project that features a collective artist studio. For their presentation the gallery will be transformed into a temporary space for action and production.

Tutors: David Powell & Alexandra Landré

Docking Station
A re-installation of Brancusi's atelier. Atelier Brancusi, installation view, 2010, Atelier Brancusi/Center Pompidou


Theatricality, situation and the object is an investigation into the relationship of the object, the space and its performative use. Placing and composing a work is simultaneously creating a space around it as well as giving a position and place to the viewer or audience. In addition to the concepts of visual arts, dramaturgical notions like mis-en-scene, choreography, stage and scene, gain influence in the spatial practice of visual art.

In order to investigate these phenomena, the program of Theatricality, situation and the object will use the ‘artist studio’ as a research model. The artist studio is a specific place, which has been depicted in numerous ways throughout history. Besides being a site of production, it is also a space of experimental that is not accessible for the general public - creating a realm of intimacy. However, the artist studio is frequently represented in media, like photography or virtually, which partially resonate the ideas, cliché’s and prejudices of creative production and the position of the artist. The result is a tension between the space of production and experimentation on the one hand and the visual representation of the artist study as scenography or situation on the other.