Fault Lines: KABK Research Forum 2022
Friday 9 December
10:00 - 18:30
KABK Auditorium

Save the date and let your students know about this opportunity to learn more about, and engage with, the kinds of research going on at KABK! The day-long forum features presentations of in-progress research projects of the Design & The Deep Future Research Group 2022-2023, namely: Louis Braddock Clarke, Alexander Cromer, Benjamin Earl, Rana Ghavami, Carl-Johan Högberg, and Victoria Meniakina, and conversation with guest-speakers, students and other peers.

We are thrilled to share that Aditi Jaganathan and Fiona Hallinan will be joining us as guest-speakers and will help frame the researchers work and to provide critical feedback.

More details will follow shortly! To already secure your seat please RSVP with Martha Jager.

Programme Schedule

10:30 Introduction

Ranti Tjan, Director KABK

Dr. Alice Twemlow, Design Lector KABK

11:00 Alexander Cromer
Voicing Unverifiable Realities Beyond the Archive: Ecological Crisis and the African Diaspora

11:15 Rana Ghavami
Ethics in Methods: Aesthetics, Sense-making and the Ongoingness of Colonial Histories

11:30 Luna van Schadewijk and Ritvik Kushu

11:45 Guest speaker: Aditi Jaganathan

12:10 Panel Q&A

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Victoria Meniakina
Situating the Postnatural: Material (An)archaeologies and Displaced Bodies

13:45 Carl-Johan Högberg
Madder: We Are All Pigments

14:00 Jonathan Looman and Giulietta Pastorino Verastegui

14:15 Guest speaker: Fiona Hallinan

14:35 Panel Q&A

15:00 Break

15:15 Benjamin Earl
Mapping a Research Network: Tools, Places, Conversations, and Digital Community Infrastructure in the Design and the Deep Future Research Group

15:30 Louis Braddock Clarke
Weather Gardens: Active Listening to Drifting Geographies

15:45 Lulu van Dijk and Myles Merckel

16:00 Guest speaker: Rolando Vázquez

16:25 Panel Q&A

16:45 Break

17:00 Roundtable working session

18:30 Reception

Guest speakers

Aditi Jaganathan is a creator of spaces of (un)learning as sites of radical praxis, using tools of music, film and visual culture

Fiona Hallinan is an artist, artistic researcher and co-founder of the Department of Ultimology

Bio to be added.