On 11 July 2014, Maja Klaassens received the KABK Thesis Award for her thesis The Fountain. Dynamic Systems in Nature and Art. Klaassens graduated from the Fine Arts department. Her thesis supervisor was Winnie Koekelbergh.

In 2014 she participated in the Thesis Lab, part of the Art Research Programme of the lectorate.

Annually, theory teachers from various departments of the Royal Academy of Art nominate their department’s best thesis for the thesis award. The award consists of a cash prize of 500 euro. An independent and annually changing jury decides on the winning thesis award. The jury consists of a chair, an artist or designer teaching at the academy and an external member.

This year the jury consists of Karin de Jong, director of PrintRoom, a platform for artist publications in Rotterdam; Roosje Klap, graphic designer, head of the Graphic Design department at the KABK and Advising Researcher at the post-academic institute Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht.; and Tatjana Macic, visual artist, writer, theoretician and lecturer Artistic Research aan de KABK and chair of the jury.

  • Anissa Casarella, The Art of Drowning
  • Maud van Halbeek, Een Dans door de Ruimte. Beweging als Dans, Architectuur als Choreografie
  • Fe Wigman, Scented Reality. The Importance of Olfaction
  • Tamara Robeer, Munch (…)
  • Maja Klaassens, The Fountain. Dynamic Systems in Nature and Art
  • John Fanning, HonestyBullshitHonestly. An Exploration of Contemporary Art, the English Language and the Obfuscation of Clear Communication