PhDArts, international doctorate programme in art and design through Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) and the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, hosts Publishing as Performance, the day-long symposium critically focused on the role of artists/authors engaged in new forms of publishing practices.

Publishing as Performance conceptualizes the act of publishing as the global act of making a text public. It centres on the question how dissemination is creatively conceived of through acts of appropriation, reframing, performance and circulation.

The symposium will take up the works of artists/authors engaged in tactics of disrupting and re-interpreting existing modes of dissemination through the spectrum of institutional, commercial and autonomous practices. How can the artist/author develop new forms and means of distribution in order to generate new meanings?

Special guests include Eva Weinmayr, co-founder of AND Publishing and The Piracy Project, Simon Morris, co-founder of Information as Material, and Sarah van Lamsweerde, who will perform her celebrated piece 80 Words (Het Veem production). Publishing as Performance is an interdisciplinary forum for considering the dissemination of the text.


9.30 – 12.30
Eva Weinmayr / The Piracy Project
Room BB.105 KABK. Reservation mandatory.

14.00 – 16.30
Simon Morris / Information as Material
Room BB.105 KABK. Reservation mandatory.

16.45 Doors open
17.00 Performance
’80 Words’ by Sarah van Lamsweerde
Auditorium KABK. Entrance free and open to all.

Sarah van Lamsweerde ’80 Words’ Photographer: JP van Popta


Imagine being in a room that looks like an undeveloped photograph – a dark lab, where your senses are heavily deprived. An isolated researcher guides you through a slide show. You are introduced to her singular subject: ‘A’. Words and gestures are stripped to the bone; your imagination is gently encouraged to combine phantom phrases with after-images and leaving you no choice but to make highly subjective conclusions.

‘80 Words’ is a project about what happens to a language when there are only 80 words to speak it. Are words still a reliable currency, now that “freedom of speech” suffers from heavy inflation? What happens to the imagination when communication is reduced to the minimum? Can (self)censorship be a good thing?

The performance ’80 Words’ by Sarah van Lamsweerde is co-produced by Het Veem Theater.

Practical Information


Royal Academy of Art (KABK)

Organisers and moderators

Delphine Bedel and k.g. Guttman (PhDArts)


Entrance to the performance of Sarah van Lamsweerde is free and open to all. NB. Participation to the lecture and workshops of Eva Weinmayr and Simon Morris is reserved for the PhDArts candidates. Limited seats for 10 guests are available and reservation is mandatory before 18 April 2014. Send an email to

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